Why use a radio-controlled wall clock with MSF UK time? and what on earth is the MSF (UK) Time Signal?

16th Nov 2017

Why Use it?

  • Know you'll always have the precise time based on the UK standard
  • No need to mess around with the clocks when the time goes back or forward for daylight saving.
  • Be safe in the knowledge your clock is so accurate the signal is worked out by 3 atomic clocks!

The MSF (UK) signal from Cumbria is the future of time-keeping - your smartphone is probably already using it and you didn't even realise!

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What on earth is the MSF (UK) time signal?

Receiving ‘Time From NPL’, broadcast from Anthorn Radio Station near Anthorn, Cumbria, which serves as the United Kingdom’s national time reference. The time signal is derived from not one, not two, but three atomic clocks at the transmitter site, and is based on time standards maintained by the United Kingdom’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Teddington, near Cumbria, UK.